South Caucasus Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival.

About the Festival

The idea to organize the Festival in Tbilisi and build an artistic platform to contribute to the development of contemporary dance and experimental arts emerged in 2012. The Festival is initiated and organized by the Swiss Cooperation Office in South Caucasus and “Platform for Changes”, a Georgian non-profit non-governmental organization. "Platform for Changes" seeks to strengthen the role of arts as a significant factor for social changes in the South Caucasus, and to foster dialogue and interaction between artists internationally by broadening the discourse about innovative arts and diverse presentation forms.

There are two main directions within the Festival: contemporary dance and experimental art. Contemporary dance education is one of the key priorities of the Festival. To this end, intensive workshops, master classes and a summer school are organized annually within the framework of the Festival program in which local young practitioners of contemporary dance field are able to participate and acquire knowledge from invited international teachers and dance professionals. Every year, the Festival organizes its contemporary showcase program in Tbilisi for broader public. This part of the Festival includes contemporary dance performances by the internationally acclaimed dance companies and works from Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian choreographers.

The project is funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office in the South Caucasus (SCO).



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